Tips for Going to a Strip Club in London for the First Time

…and you now feel that you are ready to go to the strip club for the first time.

Your friends have been inviting you, but you kept declining, and now you feel you want to give it a try. What do you need? Where do you get started? These are probably the questions that you could be asking yourself. This article aims at guiding you as you prepare to go to a strip club in London for the first time.

Research about the Club

The goal is to have a good time, and this can only be achieved if you go to the best strip club around your area. You can do some research online and check the reviews as this will help you know what the previous visitors think about the strip club. Also, you can ask around from your friends and let them advise you on the same. Do not forget to check the age limit. You have to ensure that you are of the right age before going in to avoid embarrassments.

Prepare Your Cash

Carrying cash rather than credit cards is highly recommendable. Although you can buy drinks using the credit card, the dancers will need cash for lap dances and if you want to enjoy the VIP sessions. Carry approximately 40 to 60 dollars based on your budget, but some clubs may require you to buy a drink every one hour. Also, it is best if you include tipping money. The strippers love it when you appreciate their effort.

Prepare Your Mind

Yes, the dancers are super pretty and attractive, but you have to note that they are there as a profession. You have to respect that and also, know that they can be very convincing. They want to go home with something big. Plan well; be ready for their sweet and seductive moves, but you have to be composed to ensure that you do not lose it.

Understand Lap Dance

A lap dance will mostly take place in a private room, and yes you have to pay for it. It is fun, and since that’s what brought you to the strip club, you better go for it. If you have never done a lap dance before, take some time and practice as this ensures that once you get there, everything goes on smoothly.


If you want to have a good time, you must be willing, to be honest with the strip dancers. If a stripper comes your way and your interest was to dance with another one instead, speak up and tell the truth. Do not be surprised if a stripper comes and sits on your lap and she wants you to talk. It is business time and therefore, you should avoid wasting their time. Be open about what you want.

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