Club Rules

  • You should please be aware that any physical contact with the performer during the performance is absolutely not allowed. The performers are here for you to watch and nothing further.
  • To ensure the performers safety, to comply with our license conditions and to ensure all patrons have a clear view of the stages you will be asked to remain seated at all times.
  • Please do not try to exchange telephone numbers or addresses with the dancers.
  • It is at the complete discretion of the performer as to whether she will perform for you or not. Ask her politely, behave with courtesy and the dancer will usually be pleased to dance for you. Should she choose to do so the performance will take place where you are seated.
  • Customers may pay for the performance using cash or SophistiCash Vouchers.
  • Propositioning, shouting and profane language is not allowed.
  • You may not use cameras and mobile devices to take pictures or video while in our Gentlemen’s club.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in you being asked to leave the premises.

SophistiCash Vouchers may be purchased by credit/debit card from any of our waiters.

Sophisticash Vouchers
£30 – Topless Dance
£60 – Fully Nude
£225 – 30 Minutes
£450 – 1 Hour

Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. They are not refundable and have an expiration date. They are transferable so you may gift them to a friend or colleague.