Vip Rooms

Experience Private Luxury

Designed to make your experience with us as high class as possible and provide you with the quintessence of intimacy and privacy, our VIP Rooms are ideally suited for hosting private parties, a boys night out or business with pleasure.

Our Gentleman`s club in London allows you to choose from a selection of spaces for between 2-13 guests, with a larger VIP area or smaller areas for your own private party.

We want to give you the best night experience and make you feel relaxed and comfortable so please do not hesitate to contact us to choose what`s right for you.

Main room VIP’s:

If your looking for that perfect mix of privacy with a stage view then look no further. All our main VIP booths also have their own pole for your personal entertainment and that one to one experience.

Champagne Lounge:

The Euston Champagne lounge is a secluded section of 5 booths away from the hustle and bustle of the main club. The perfect option if you want to unwind and enjoy the company of our sensual performers in a more intimate setting with a bottle from our extensive selection of champagnes.

VIP Lounge:

For the ultimate in privacy and intimacy why not choose our VIP lounge and indulge in unparalleled luxury. Our exquisite VIP lounge is an experience unlike any other table dancing club in London. Completely separate from the main club our VIP lounge has its own dance floor, private bar and separate sound system for a tantalisingly unique experience. Here you can enjoy our premium selection of Champagnes in the company of the most stunning Dancers in London.