Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose SophstiCats?

SophstiCats is a place for ultimate pleasure and relaxation, with mesmerising performances and a sumptuous bar our venue promises to offer a wonderful experience that gives you a lifetime of memories!

How much is the entrance fee?

Standard entrance fee is £20 and free entry for our VIP guests.

Contact us on 020 7224 4488 to book a VIP table.

How much are drinks?

The prices of our assortment of drinks varies but is reasonably in line with London bars and other similar establishments.

How much is a private dance?

You can expect to pay from £25 for a private dance per song. However, you are generally able to book a longer time slot with one of our dancers which is a better experience and offers more value than paying per song.

Can I touch the performers?

Touching the girls is no go. It takes a lot of self-control and willpower, but you should take into consideration that dancing at a strip club for these women is a profession and their rights should not be compromised.

Can I flirt with the performers?

Exchanging telephone numbers or addresses is not allowed. If you are expecting the dancers to date you or give you their number, then we are sorry to disappoint.

Can I take pictures or record the performers?

You are not allowed to use any photo camera or mobile device to take a photo or video with the dancers.

Is there a dress code?

Dress smart, dress sharp – but don’t stress. We may be a Premier Lap Dancing Club, but we’re not harsh. If you have made the effort to look good, we’ll notice (and so will our dancers).
So tell me, what’s not allowed?
We are not overly strict with regards to outfits, but there is a standard we observe in the club. Therefore, if you want to be waved through with a smile from our door staff, please avoid the following:
Sports-like shoes
Tank tops and cut offs
Club paraphernalia
You’ll likely be refused entry if you come in any of these items.

Can I wear my jeans?

You can. But opt for smart jeans instead of baggy, informal jeans.

What about my shades, can I wear my sunnies?
Yes, you can. But it is not advised, enjoy the tantalising show with no obstruction to your view.

I love to wear hats, can I in your strip club?

If you’re the stylish type who can pull off a Trilby, then don’t be shy; bring your style with you. But baseball caps and beanies are just not the look we want or the look that’s going to get you anywhere.

Can I enter drunk or intoxicated?

No. This is a premium experience therefore intoxicated individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused entry to preserve staff and customer safety, in correspondence with the law.

You will be advised to come back at another time when you are sober.