What are Some Strip Club Tips to Have a Good Time

with as little restrictions as possible. The fact that any strip club in London has some gorgeous dancers and liquor flowing throughout does not mean that men should behave like a full-blown animal. Some rules ought to be followed because under the flashing lights, music and of course some naked ladies it might be very easy to misbehave. If you are planning to go to a strip club in London, there are basic etiquette rules you have to adhere to before getting yourself in trouble. They include;

Ensure You Are Not Distracted

Unless you’ve never been to a strip club before you should know that the strippers love attention. If anything you got out of your house because you were probably bored or thirsty to see some naked girls. So for whatever reason, you should not be distracted at all. If it’s a phone call, let it wait. Do not go picking a call when the stripper is right there entertaining you.

Avoiding Recording a Video or Taking Photographs

The first thing you need to know is that you are a visitor here and the main reason for your coming is to get entertained. The performers don’t care about being famous on some social media platforms. What they need is a place where they can do what they do in peace and recording them doesn’t help much. So if you get a thought of taking some videos or pictures make sure you don’t break the club’s rules because that could lead you into trouble.

Make Sure You Are Nice and Don’t Be Creepy

When she’s right there in front of you dancing and doing all sorts of tricks, make sure you mind your words. Of course, you are probably drunk and high because of the environment, but that doesn’t mean you go throwing words around. Whatever you say to her should be nice because there are things you could say that turn her off completely.

Some Tips

If you are the stingy type, then strip clubs are not the best place for you. Mind you, if you plan to free ride you probably going to have a short night. Dancers communicate, and if you are not tipping them, you then are just another guy filling space in the club. No one will stop by your table for free service. So make sure you step up your game.

Going to a strip club should be fun, and you deserve to enjoy yourself in every way possible. As long as you stick to the rules, then you are in for a treat. Also, remember you are at a strip club and everything that happens in there should remain there. Stick to the rules!

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