Things to Do to Get Along with Strip Dancers in a Strip Club

The experience of being in a strip club is supposed to be so much more than a night full of lust. Unfortunately, some strip club clientele will lay around drunk and delusional eyeing up the pretty girls on the stage like a snack they will take home later for dinner. You can get a lap dance, watch all these naked girls doing all sorts of tricks or up your game and get to know one stripper that catches your attention then have some quality chat.

The amount of fun you have is strictly up to you. If you want to play the low card like everyone else, then that’s ok but if you’re going to stand out and catch every stripper’s attention that’s for you to figure it out. So, how do you make your strip club experience worth every minute? The following tips should enable you to walk to any strip club in the world and get along with any dancer that catches your attention.

Be Confident

The minute you enter the strip club, walk with your head held high. Whether it’s your first time or not to be there never lurk around like you are unsure of where to go or sit. Look familiar with the environment as much as possible and settle in quickly. Also, avoid seating at the perverts’ row that is the space in front of the stage.

Don’t Objectify Her, Respect Her

When you step into the club look at the girl in the eyes rather than her body. That shows you have some respect and sets you a level above all the other chumps in the club. If you manage to catch her gaze hold it as much as you can and encourage her to approach you.

Create a Connection

This is when the real magic happens. Get to know the real her and start to connect before she sees you like any other guy in the club. Connecting with a lap dancer can be a little hard especially if you don’t catch her attention. Try to know what she does when she is not in the club something like her passion and talk about it. Another way is if you are talking to a dancer then you notice she is a little restless about making some cash you can excuse her then tell her to come back later. Showing that you care, is the best way to connect with anyone. Once you create that connection, it becomes easier to get little favors such as special dances from them.

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