Strip Club Etiquette: Tips to Follow

One of many, actually. Sometimes you just break under the constant pressure life puts on you. All you need is to relax, let everything go and get some relief from stress. And so, you find yourself at the entrance to a strip club. It is a good decision, by the way. But before you rush in and unleash your sexuality, there are some tips you should definitely follow at a strip club in London.

It’s not just about going in, taking a seat, getting a drink and watching the women dance. There is undeniably more to it than that. There are etiquette rules every gentleman must know! Here you will find some valuable advice on how to behave and act at a strip club. These are the recommended tips:

Usually, such places have rules and regulations. Make sure to ask the staff to explain what is allowed and what can have you out of the club immediately. Maybe you don’t need the girls to sit on your lap. Or probably they don’t want you to try to touch them. Recheck all of this beforehand.

Touching the girls is no go. It takes a lot of self-control and willpower, but you should take into consideration that these women are usually dating someone or, pretty possibly, they are married. Dancing at a strip club is a profession or a hobby for them. Consider them to be a piece of art and that you are in a museum. Is anyone allowed to touch artworks? No one is.

This is a dance. Solely. Don’t expect to get anything extra. Even a simple offer to a girl there can cause you problems. Girls are generally not available for anything more than a show. They’re just doing a job and it ought to be respected. Anyone who doesn’t respect them needs to reevaluate the situation and think over.

Another rule is that you are not allowed to sue any photo camera or mobile device to take a photo or video with the dancers.

Exchanging telephone numbers or addresses is not allowed as well. If you are expecting the dancers to date you or give you their number, then I’m sorry to disappoint.

A strip club is not a place where you can sit and think about your problems, apparently. It’s a place for ultimate pleasure and relaxation. Just enjoy the show. This is a wonderful experience that gives you a lifetime of memories. Leave all your worries outside and simply have an amazing time.
If you follow all of these rules, there won’t be any problem for you, and more than that, you will be thanked later!

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