The secret world of gentlemen’s clubs

were first created in England and reached the peak of their popularity by the end of the 19th century. The status of a gentleman required compulsory membership in one of the clubs, and for the upper strata of society – aristocracy and upper middle class – these institutions were, in fact, as the second house. In the richly furnished rooms one could relax (the absence of ladies had a beneficial effect on the process of relaxation), dine, chat with friends, and if desired – and spend the night. Activity included both usual relaxations alone or in the company, and general events. In the living rooms, music was often played, writers read their works aloud, scientists made reports.

Billiards, bridge, aromatic smoke of pipe tobacco, noble drinks, card and salon games, leisurely conversations, subtle humor, and tuxedoes – this stereotype of the gentlemen’s club today dominates thanks to the movies.

But taking into account the code of rules of gentlemen’s club, one can see that everything wasn’t so interesting and funny as it may seem.  The rules in the club were truly strict. Rules were concerning everything: dress-code, guests, time, etc.  All of its members are bound by a vow of silence about everything that happens inside the closed building. One could enter the club only when he was invited by one of its members; while the rest had the right to reject the candidacy. Traditionally, a poor guy who proposed such an unsuccessful candidate for consideration should, after the voting, leave the club quietly – forever. One of the most severe rules was: no women. Gentlemen came to clubs to have a rest from the family, and absolutely did not want to see someone who would have reminded of something undesirable. If a wife of a member dared come to the club and seek her husband, they two were subjected to mockery.

The time passes, and no matter how strict the rules and traditions were, things have changed. Today, it’s really hard even to compare gentlemen’s clubs which were in the past and those of nowadays, which more and more people call: strip clubs. The rules and traditions have changed, the atmosphere, almost everything, but the name.

Now gentlemen’s Club is a place, where you can feel yourself surrounded by luxurious girls, who will excite your imagination by their unexpected mastery of dancing on a stage. This is a real art, which appreciate only those who know how to relax. Almost all the strip clubs in London offer you the combination of the best traditions of this art:  excellent interior design, good music and original cuisine. Under the veil of each strip club there is a small and comfortable world, the aim of which is to create an appropriate atmosphere for the attendant.

Today, it became so easy to find a place for enjoyment, without any rule or tradition to, in a company of young and charming dancing ladies. Moreover, women’s attendance is not only permitted now, but also welcomed.

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