Lap Dancing on Holidays

There are countless ways that you can use to keep a relationship spicy.

This is especially useful during the holiday season.

This is due to the fact that you and your partner would be spending a lot of time in each other’s company. There is always a chance that things could become stale. Hence it is vital that you keep your man entertained while he entertains you. One of the best ways to achieve this is lap dancing. There is a reason certain men visit exotic clubs purely for the lap dance. Men will love it if their own partners can do this properly. Hence we are giving you the best tips on how to give a good lap dance to your man.

The first step is to wear an erotic and sexy outfit. This does not mean that you need to dress in a certain way. All you have to do is to showcase your best features. Whether it is something short or long, make sure it gives an outline of your body shape. An even better dress to go with would be one that your partner is interested in. Another point to consider would be to showcase your legs. Men love long legs; hence you could wear the outfit in such a way that you showcase your legs.

The next step is the actual dancing. One of the best tips on lap dancing is to keep it slow and erotic. Do not rush into anything. Make your approach slowly and circle your partner a couple of times. This makes him want more while it makes you more appealing. It is also vital to maintain the right expression. Make sure you do not go extremes in this regard as an expression which is too erotic will seem strained and artificial. Keep it simple, look at him the way you always do, only a little sexier. You can increase the intensity of the expression as time goes.

The next best tip that you can get, is when dancing, wrap your legs around him in the chair. Start by first putting one leg behind the chair and dancing a little. Then follow with the other leg. If you want to be more physical, this would be a good time to kiss a little. Make sure you don’t get carried away here as the point is to always keep him wanting till the very end.

One of the most effective moves is moving the hips. Here you just have to move your hips from side to side in a flowing motion. You can watch some videos of this online to get a better understanding. Even though it is a very simple move, men love it and it is an easy move to perfect over time as well.

Holidays can be really fun if you know what to do. So give it a shot and always remember, enjoy yourself at all times.

Happy New Year 2017!

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