English gentlemen’s club decor

…the English gentlemen’s clubs have been a place for men to gather, talk business, dine, have drinks and socialize. The traditional English gentlemen’s club décor has a lot of dark patterns as wood paneling, dim leather furnishing, taxidermy, strict pieces of furniture and extremely conservative atmosphere. It expresses restraint and masculinity and gives you the feeling of unquestionable confidence with a slightly lavish touch right from the entrance.

Even though using all of the above mentioned style details will not be the best choice in decoration of a modern place, nevertheless English gentlemen’s clubs décor can greatly inspire you by demonstrating combination methods and ideas, to create a highlighted sense of tradition and prestigious style in your living or working space.

If you choose to decorate your place in English gentlemen’s club’s style, we have a few tips for you!

Design: First thing you can learn from the English gentlemen’s club’s décor is that it’s not about what you put together, but how you do it. Simple patterns combined in a tasteful way prevails over any luxurious and complex designs. A cocktail of retro style and Art Deco with some gothic elements creates an intellectual, yet interesting atmosphere. Dark colors, wood and dim lighting are the special ingredients that give your English gentlemen’s club’s room a unique distinctiveness. Certainly, there is a chance of over decorating the space, because of the combination of all the style fusions. So it is important to keep in mind, that sometimes less is more. You should be careful with design strictness, so that your decorated space does not end up with a library or theatre atmosphere. On the other hand, everything should be simple and modest. There is no room for vulgar pieces of furniture or tones here, just like there is no room for impoliteness and profane language among gentlemen.

Furniture: The furniture of the decorated space should be selected to give soul and character to it. Three things with the following sequence: style; quality; comfort should be taken into account when picking up the furniture. Leather club chairs and Chesterfield sofas are always up-to date in Gentleman’s club design.

Animal skin gives the decorated space an eccentric touch, but not everyone likes the idea of displaying dead animal heads. Leather and foreign textiles, on the other hand, put a nice accent. Fireplace can fill the space with comforting feeling without breaking its strictness.

In addition, if you want to have a quality look, you should never save on quality, when buying the furniture pieces. Lastly elegant disposition of the furniture is as important.

Accessories: Extraordinary vintage accessories and trinkets will create a tailored memorable appearance of your space. As a bonus – books and newspapers will always be on-topic design accessories here.

Overall, there should be masculine but at the same time creative and comforting air in your English gentlemen’s club’s décor space. Lastly, add some individuality of your own!




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