Celebrities Who Started Their Careers as Strippers

…vice versa, criticise them and their choice.

But do we think of the hardships they went through and overcame? We might recognize them from the big screen or because of their successful music careers, but these ten celebrities used to make money in a totally different way – by striping. Let’s get acquainted with them.

  1. Lady Gaga – She was a stripper in one of the strip clubs in New York when she was a young girl (18 years old). Before blowing up the biggest stages, she used to blow up the strip clubs. As she said to the newspaper ”News of the World”: ”When I made money in the strip club I was 18. I came from a wealthy Italian family, I attended a very good school. The girls in my neighborhood did not even imagine that I will become the one I am now.”
  2. Chris Pratt – When the star of the films ”Guardian of the Galaxy” and ”Zero Dark Thirty” posted a photo on his Instagram, where he was topless, it caused a lot of noise on the Internet. But becoming popular he said that he likes to take off his clothes in public. That is why, before starting his successful career he was a stripper for a short time. He explained: ” I like to take off my clothes. So why not making money out of it?”
  3. Amber Rose – American actress, photo model and singer, former girlfriend of Kanye West. She started her career as a strip dancer as well. She had to do it when she was 15 years old, because of the mass in her family: they had financial difficulties and later her parents divorced. Today she is a model for the most popular brands, releases her own brand of glasses and stars in clips.
  4. Brad Pitt – When young Brad studied at the college in the state Missouri, he was a member of the boys’ band ”Naked dancers” who were amateur strippers. They mostly danced at girl parties and the like. During those years he worked in a company which gave services to strippers. He saw the girl-strippers’ performances and looked after their clothes while they were performing.
  5. Eve – in her song ”Heaven only knows” she approves that she started from the dances on the tables and ended with what we know today. At the age of 18, she really solved her financial problems by dancing in the strip clubs. It was there that she met famous rapper Mase, who suggested changing her way of making money and perform as a rapper on big stages.
  6. Channing Tatum’s strip career led him to an international fame and huge honorarium. In one of the clubs in Tampa, where he danced he was known as Chan Crawford. Then gradually dances were changed into model shows for Armani and Abercrombie & Fitch. Then followed the advertising companies like Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani. And finally the magazine ”Tear Sheet” included him in the list of ”50 most beautiful faces”. Meanwhile, he began his career asstrip_club_london_sophisticats_champagne_gentlemensclub a very successful actor.

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