Bad habits turning into good vices

Sounds strange? Even bad habits can turn out to be good for you. They are both good and bad. Actually, there’s the bad that is sometimes good.

Many things are said to be vices. Vices are usually pleasurable, at least for the time of their being. But look here, they could be even better for your health loosening up the stress in your body and mind. Can you imagine that wine, chocolate, cigarettes, gambling or visiting Soho strip clubs can be good for you? Everything is the matter of dosage or usage you control for yourself. But is it something you can control? It depends on the fact whether your guilty pleasure is an actual vice, that is gambling, unhealthy alcohol consumption or smoking. After all, you want your vice to be a smart indulgence, not a destructive one.

Every voluntary act of a man’s life is either virtuous or vicious. That is to say, it is either in accordance, or in conflict. In other words, every act of a man’s life tends either to his happiness or to his unhappiness.
Furthermore, each human being differs in his physical, mental and emotional constitution. Many actions can be virtuous in the case of one person and can be vicious in the case of another person. Being smart with your money and depriving yourself of pleasure. While speaking about financial vices we should prove that they are the costs that make you feel convinced among your friends. So, you needn’t cut them out completely, your best bet is to enjoy them responsibly. It’s okay to indulge the occasional vice, but you want to be smart about those indulgences. Most of us have given into the allure of a vice indulging.
Well, you’ll be truly surprised to learn about the benefits of these so-called vices. They can actually help you build a better body, from boosting your immunity to reducing heart diseases and even helping you look younger reproducing the hormones of happiness. Let’s get straight to the point then: sex can improve your immunity, smoking a cigarette after a hard and stressful day will make you feel relaxed and will even freshen up your mind. Having a piece of dark chocolate, your third cup of coffee during the day or an entertaining night in a Soho strip club will even produce the best feelings.
So, let us keep the idea that bad habits can be great habits, after all. Overall, a steady and balanced mindset will help keep you in the right direction. You should judge it for yourself to benefit your needs accordingly for you can’t give up your vices. They are born with human being and go along with his life, for they are the weakness of human nature.

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