• 21st June 2018

    Ladies Race Day

    Glitz & Glamour Night

  • 31st May 2018

    Sunny Days – Cosy Nights

    The Most Sensual Event

  • 19th May 2018

    Royal Wedding Celebration

    Your Princess is Waiting

  • 3rd May 2018

    The Great Beach Party

    Fed up with cold weather?

  • 20th April 2018

    Champagne Party

    The Night of Bubbles

  • 30th March 2018

    Easter Weekend Bash

    Sexy Bunny Party

  • 17th March 2018

    St. Patrick’s Day Party

    Where is the Craic?

  • 14th February 2018

    Valentine’s Night

    “You’ve got to show me love”

  • 8th February 2018

    James Bond Party

    “Shocking. Positively shocking”